Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Gimbal Stabilizer Smartphone
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Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Gimbal Stabilizer Smartphone

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Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Gimbal Stabilizer Smartphone
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Pocket-Size Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer
For up to 9.2-Ounce Smartphones
Automatic Smartphone Balancing
Up to 16-Hour Runtime

Use the Smooth-Q2 gimbal stabilizer from Zhiyun-Tech to capture smooth handheld footage with your smartphone, and then store it in your pocket. This compact gimbal features a maximum load capacity of 9.2 ounces for phones up to 3.4" wide, meaning it can handle larger smartphones such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, or phones with accessories such as cases and add-on lenses. The gimbal automatically balances your phone, and it doesn't require rebalancing when using a different phone.

The Smooth-Q2 features object-tracking, motion-lapse, and time-lapse modes, and for the vloggers and selfie-takers, it switches quickly into vertical mode. The Smooth-Q2 offers 360° pan, 305° tilt, and 265° roll rotation, and provides 360° barrel roll shots in vortex mode. The gimbal can remotely control your iOS or Android smartphone's camera via Bluetooth 5.0 to take photos and record videos without using the ZY Play app.

Key Features
- Quickly switches to vertical mode for a portrait-style look
- The powerful torque motor eliminates the need for counterweights with larger loads such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max or when using accessories
- USB Type-C port for charging the smartphone while shooting
- Object-tracking, motion-lapse, vortex, and time-lapse modes
- Charge your smartphone using the USB Type-C port while mounted
- Removable 4500mAh 21700 battery with 16-hour battery life and 3-hour charge time with a separately available charger
- Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allows you to control the photo and video record functions of your smartphone camera without an app
-Uses the Zhiyun-Tech ZY Play app to transfer and edit video, change modes and settings, and upgrade the firmware